About Us

Relentless Boutique is an online e-commerce website that is based out of Rhode Island. It is an online women’s boutique that offers trendy and affordable clothes for the babes that are daring, independent, and express who they are in their outfits, all while they are building their own empire. 

Sara, the owner of Relentless has always been a die-hard fashion girl. When she was a little girl she would dress up at any given chance, always throwing on her mother’s heels while walking around the house. Sara has worked retail most of her life and went to college at Johnson and Wales in Providence, RI where she received her bachelor’s degree in 3 years for Fashion Merchandising and Retail Marketing. Sara always had a dream to work in the fashion industry whether it was becoming a buyer, personal shopper, business owner, stylist, etc. You name it, she wanted to do it. There was a goal by the age of 23 that she wanted to own her own store and on April 2, 2021, she made her dreams come to true, she finally bites the bullet and opened her first e-commerce website. Relentless offers trendy and affordable clothing because Sara believes that style doesn’t matter what is on the price tag, styling it up is how you make fashion. She wanted to create a store that everyone loves and everyone can shop at.

Everyone always says Sara has always been a “tough one” always stands her ground, has a backbone, and fought for what she believed in, and didn’t give up until she was proven right. That is where the name Relentless comes in, Relentless is someone who is determined to do something and refuses to give up, being relentlessly positive means that are a powerful, nearly unstoppable, force for what is good and right, even when it’s hard. That is what she wants her customers to be, to be relentless in life.